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Default Saturday


Enjoyed getting food right today and preparing it. Made a lovely Blood Orange and Fennel Salad to go with the soup for lunch. I didn't sit at a table last night because my environment was not organised Beck style. It was late and work was all over the desk etc. So today I moved the computer to one end of the desk - had been meaning to for a while, and the other end serves as a work space a place to eat so let's see if I use it tonight. I read something today about changing eating habits and losing weight as happening one food choice at a time - helped me remember when I was confronted by choice

BillBE - Congrats on incrementing your ticker yet again. Hope you find something to replace the Maytag - my sister is trying to replace her 25 y.o. top loader washing machine and is grieving. Doesn't know what to buy and should it be a front loader and so on [you settled on a top loader without an agitator didn't you - wonder why Mr Engineer]. [BTW - my bacon bones are not half that elegant but the left over ribs and spine that I prefer to the loin or the hock because a far greater smokey surface area - yum]

Gardenerjoy - great problem solving and resisting - awesome

Maryann - You are being very brave about DS trip - and kudos for staying with the discomfort rather than obliterating it with food one choice at a time

Woodland - glad you pulled up well after a day of activity. Yay for scale coming down

Nationalparker - sounds like a lovely night and OP too

- Checked in
- Ate on plan
- Measured my food
- Logged my food
- Ate mindfully most of the time
- Ate sitting down - no - nibbled on blood orange peels
- I stopped eating when satisfied
- Used distraction and resistance techniques
- Weighed myself
- Exercised - gym
- Made a food plan for tomorrow
- Made a schedule for tomorrow

Short Term Goal

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