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Good Morning, Coaches.

Continue to practice Beck skills. I decided to eat two of my rabbit hole foods but limited myself to smallish servings sitting down. I know I am making these choices because I am three days to a set food plan. I think this is the purpose of these two weeks - building behavior resistant muscles before having to face food restriction. Scale down half a pound. Reaffirmed belief Beck works if I work it.

Anxiety this morning. DS is traveling to Southern California by plane by himself to visit aunt on Monday. I will put him on the plane and aunt will be waiting on the other end. He is one month older than unaccompanied minor regulations so it is a little less secure. I don't like it. It is emotional for me thinking that something might happen. It makes me hungry. I asked DH if it is worth the risk? He said what risk is it this year as opposed to 2 years from now? 3 years? What about the risks staying home? A freak accident? There is no rebuttal. Loving is the risk. I can choose to stay in the mainstream of life and accept what is uncomfortable or I can remain oblivious- high on food. This a day to day decision, sometimes a minute by minute decision.

BBE: DH was thrilled with the outcome of the baseball game. He is an Oakland fan (much to my chagrin.)

gardenerjoy: Credit for your solution. It is freeing to be able to accept that every meal does not have to be perfect. There will be another one coming along in a few hours.

GosfordGirl: I love a big old pot of soup. It is healthy, easy, and makes enough for several meals.

Woodland: Credit for soaking up a little vitamin D out in the garden bed.

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