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I totally relate to the vegan story. I was vegan for a while, too. One of my good friends has been so awesome helping me come out of it. Every time I'd say something like "I'm going to eat brown rice, mushrooms, and broccoli, no oil" he'd say something like "I'm going to eat a corn dog. Because they're delicious." It sounded dumb at first but the point is that eating should be fun. It should nourish your body and honor your taste. Pepperoni pizza is delicious! Whole wheat pizza with no cheese is just... joyless, unless you like that sort of thing (which I doubt people do). I sincerely, truly doubt that there are people out there who eat whole wheat pizza without cheese because it tastes better than normal pizza. That sort of sacrifice is what makes people who are healthy vegans (or any sort of health eater) miserable to be around.

Dear lord that sounds awful. Have you explained to your mom that you are a grown woman who is perfectly capable of making fashion and food choices for herself? I would lose my eff'in mind if I was in the situation. Here's what I would do about your mom getting in your business- don't give a f#ck about it. Seriously. Don't care about what your mom says or thinks. If she says something about your outfit or what you're eating just say "thanks for the tip" or "hmmm, I'll think about it". Then just wash your brain of it. I'm pretty sure my parents are narcissists and what they do sounds alot like what your mom is doing. I just learned over the years to stop caring.

Not giving a [email protected] about what other people think is not an invitation to do whatever you want regardless of the consequences or input from others. It's doing whatever you feel is the right thing to do and knowing that it is 100% your choice to make. Live your life. What's the worse thing that could happen if you don't change your outfit that doesn't fit what your mom thinks is right? Will she throw a fit? Will she refuse to go out? Will she weep, gnash her teeth, rend her clothing, and disown you? Probably not. Don't give into your mom's tantrums. It's really none of her business what you wear or eat. You're a flipping adult.
“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” - Nelson Mandela

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