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Doing this MY way!!!
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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this area and I am finding that IE is the only way for me. I am sick of dieting, counting calories, and carbs. I managed to loose 50 lbs with just eating clean but eventually I binged and gained 25 lbs back. I am tired of fighting food and I do realize that I have a long way to go but I am just sick of food being my enemy. I am tired of punishing myself.

I am also in OA and I was just telling a sponsor that my goal is not to restrict. I just want a better relationship with food. That is all. I don't hate sugar or carbs. I don't hate "healthy" foods either. I am only now in OA to work the steps and for fellowship. I cannot abstain from sugar or any food. It does not work for me. Thankfully my sponsor lives that lifestyle so I have support.

Anyway I am halfway through the book brain over binge but I just cannot finish for some reason. I cannot relate the the author sometimes and I think she oversimplifies why we binge. I get what shes saying but its not that easy in my opinion. He method will not work for me 100%.

I am doing a challenge with my coworkers and they are steering clear of carbs and sweets but I told someone today that I had cake and mac n cheese last night and I feel no guilt. I did ask myself after I ate it how did I feel and I think I ate too much cake because I was really satisfied after a few bites but I will learn. My coworker was starving for bread this morning and I though about how diets make us suffer and torture ourselves.

I have finally received my copy of intuitive eating and I am so excited because now I know what I want! This is where I belong.

I Will Succeed!!!
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