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Now I know what was wrong with the woman who didn't call in. She has a raging case of Lyme Disease, such that she's been bedridden for two days straight and pretty much out of it, waiting for powerful antibiotics and painkillers to kick in. She told her husband to call in or instant message me, and he completely forgot.

How I found this out is that after hearing nothing from her for two days, I contacted HR, who took over from there and called her emergency contact number that they keep on file. It was her husband, and boy was he sheepish and apologetic.

I felt alarmist after the fact, but listen, if you've ever had or heard of someone working from home who **died on the job** (this happened to a manager in the dept next to mine) and then of course couldn't be reached, then you'd worry, too, if someone didn't call in or contact you for two days, and missed their weekly one-on-one meeting with you -- particularly if that person is generally responsible and conscientious.

Whew, so anyway, after that, and a document that I worked on till nearly 9 PM last night, and more Japanese English to rewrite today, I am so very done with this week.

The Japanese English rewrites can be an exercise in creative writing as I try to divine the intent behind the construction. But I admire them for their effort, which surely is strenuous. I don't know any Japanese. And the languages are so far apart in derivation. With analysts whose native languages are Portuguese and South American Spanish, or Italian and German, there's some relationship to English, but not with the Japanese or the Chinese.

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