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Thumbs up Friday - World Population Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies Exercise was walking the floors of Home Depot and Sears trying to buy a dishwasher before the Fourth of July sales expired. What a pain! I'm slow to realize that the units on sale are the ones with awful reviews in Consumer Reports, Amazon, and elsewhere. The old Maytag's aren't on sale and are expensive but have the one quality I want - lowest number of service calls. I wish I could just use the model number that I like that's some 12 years old and get an identical replacement.

Eating was OKish. With the Sugar Snaps from our garden gone, I had to have some imported from Central America. They just don't compare; they taste better in the winter when my taste buds have forgotten the joy of the fresh ones. Today's the day I increment the month counts in my signature; CREDIT moi for a month gone by.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Thanks for the reminder, "what seems like normal in our society is really not." [Enjoyed your enthusiasm for Benjamin Franklin; methinks I'll have a peek at that book. Just requested it from the local library network.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) Ouch for a basement covered in coal soot - not sure how that stuff is cleaned up. Kudos for a light lunch.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) Kudos for experimenting with a way to eat sitting down without TV. (Soup with Bacon Bones illustrated for those of us unfamiliar with that phrase.)

maryann - Count me as one of those who "can't stand the idea of restraint." (Ouch that it wasn't a good afternoon for your Giants.)

Woodland - I do love exercise that results in a task accomplished. Yay for a bench all oiled up and ready for another year of weather.

nationalparker You got me drooling for chili lime chicken burgers; I'll have the avocado on mine, also. Interesting how often we indulge in foods that aren't that good.

Readers -
day 19 Stop Fooling Yourself

These thoughts delude you into eating when you shouldn't. After all, a calorie is a calorie, no matter when, where, or why you eat it. You might be able to see how irrational these thoughts are right now. Yet, in the moments when you really want to eat something, you might try to convince yourself that these thoughts are valid.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 162.
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