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Default Friday again


Eating was what it was supposed to be. I made a bacon bone and veggie soup (the sort that take care of them selves) in vast quantity and had that for lunch. Dinner is planned and nothing nasty in it. I ate standing up making soup - celery, carrot etc. Kept noticing after the event. Also when shredding the bacon. So not a good Beck day. I really have to work on that more.

I think I will eat my dinner on a cloth on my desk (only table in the unit) instead of on coffee table with TV and see how that works. I know I eat slowly but not mindfully.

I have a lot to do at the moment and am not making the progress I need to - have to be disciplined tomorrow and also go to gym!

BillBE - I am looking forward to retiring to enjoy all the reading - although Joy seems to fit it into a busy life. That fruit looks good and healthy

Garderjoy - I reckon eating out three times a week is fairly excessive / generous. I like your idea of a small but special part in your life. We are having a great series here (BBC) at the moment - "The men who made us fat" and "The men who made us thin" (second less interesting) which raises all those food politics and industrial issues we all get strident about (on You Tube in episodes too)

Maryann - credit for sitting down when eating. I think one has to taste the food as one cooks - that isn't eating but it can become eating of course.

Woodland - credit for spontaneous exercise and staying the path

- Checked in
- Ate on plan
- Measured my food
- Logged my food
- Ate sitting down - no - chopping veges at the sink
- I stopped eating when satisfied
- Weighed myself - going down slowly again
- Exercised - gym - didn't get there
- Made opportunities for incidental exercise - Not one - a really sedentary day
- Made a food plan for tomorrow - yes - on paper
- Made a schedule for tomorrow - have a plan for the day

Short Term Goal

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