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@Pinkhippie: remember the 1 minute meditation? 5 counts breathe in, 5 counts hold it in, 5 counts breathe out. Do this four times to get to a minute meditation in. It is the only meditating I can handle. I also learned a new technique that I do in the car when I get upset from Gabrielle Bernstein's book called "Miracles Now" - it's words with finger touching (stay with me!!):

When you touch your index finger to your thumb, say: PEACE
When you touch your middle finger to your thumb, say: BEGINS
When you touch your ring finger to your thumb, say: WITH
When you touch your pinkie finger to your thumb, say: ME

I can get going really fast when I'm driving and something nutty happens - it's weirdly calming and I'm not sitting cross legged somewhere trying to calm my monkey mind which to me is almost impossible sometimes... This book is really awesome I'm finding for helping me reduce stress and anxiety. I'm all into "tools" and "actions" - this book gives it to me!

@Locke: you've come a long way baby!! Keep on going!!! change is slow but definitely steady if you keep at it like you. YOU ARE THE AFTER PICTURE!
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