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Originally Posted by saef View Post
So much work keeps piling on me, day to day, that it's getting laughable. Yesterday's crisis is the direct report whom I hired this past November. She called in sick, and then the second day, was still out, but didn't call in. Meantime an analyst whom she'd kept promising work to, and then reneging, for about two weeks in a row, contacted me angrily asking what is going on. Something's not good there. I have to get this guy new help IMMEDIATELY. And I can't do it myself as I just got something big handed to me personally yesterday. Then there's something to rewrite from Japanese English.

Again, I ask: What summer?
Who doesn't call in the second day? What a nerve. I wouldn't be able to show up after that. Of course if I was just hired in November I probably wouldn't miss any work for over a year unless I was deathly ill.
Sorry you are so overworked!

Your last sentence reminded me of those assembly instructions you get sometimes that were written in China but put into English by someone who doesn't know English. Some are hilarious. High school students will try to turn in translations by googling the changes... yeah... that doesn't work.

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