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Thanks Jensassy. I realized I am pretty anxious in general and I need to figure out how to manage it. I guess i was sedating myself with food. I mean I have read in several places how carbs raise your serotonin and actually make you feel better. So, that makes sense. I guess I really need to start meditating or something. Man I hate meditating. It makes me anxious.

Nelie: Thank you for the perspective from a vegan. I didn't go vegan publicly, I don't think my dad ever knew. I just showed an interest and a knowledge in veganism. I was vegetarian for over half my life but no cheese or eggs was too hard for me. I also find at this time that I can't do ANY food rules for myself, even if they are for health reasons. I did just pick up a copy of the happy herbivore to check out as I still like to eat vegan when I can and when the mood strikes me. Anyway, I talked to my dh about it and then I actually talked to my dad's wife and I realized I was overreacting. They are excited to come over and celebrate my daughters birthday and you are right, the fact that they are willing to pay for and pick up pepperoni is a big deal. I think my stepmother was just thinking out loud about what pizza they were going to get. She is kind of flighty/spacey in general. Or at least that is the impression she puts out there.

Thanks everyone for your perspective and help. It has really been invaluable to me.

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