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Despite not posting last night with a success, I did have a successful regroup yesterday. I made chili lime chicken burgers (with garlic, onion, cilantro, lime, hot peppers, etc.) and boy they came out good this time. Did a bit of avocado for DH's - I don't care for it. Have amped up our meals a bit this week and am proud of that. Tonight is take-out salads, though, from a spot near DH's work, and that'll save clean-up time. Looking forward to relaxing on the patio and enjoying the time together. I'll move my music out there... think DH will set up outdoor speakers if I ask him to - he likes projects like that and I just need to ensure that it won't broadcast his AC/DC or whatnot for any neighbors to hear during the day Chris Botti, fine. ha ha.

It dawned on me that I will never hear my mom's voice again, and for some reason that really got me down ... I wish I had a voicemail or something.

Dinner theatre plans tomorrow night - goal for the dinner is to limit bread this time (last time it was two rolls at this place, too) and honestly, it's not that good. That's what kills me. Honestly, I'm fine with indulging with something that's wonderful, but not this stuff. Our tickets come with free dessert and since we go every 2-3 months instead of weeks, I'm okay with that.

Looking forward to time on weekend to do some personals!

So close ... now so far!
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