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Andrea, yes indeed, I belong to it, and I've been posting there recently, too. Indeed it's been a godsend to me, full of helpful tips and commiseration and exhilarating moments.

Oh, and my local Groupon offers include a trampoline room, which made me think of you. Looks like it's A Thing, and I didn't even realize it (not uncommon).

Thursday, July 10th:

60 minutes elliptical, sweat just pouring off me, but a welcome exorcism of extreme work-related tension. This is actually getting easier to do now that I've got a stronger posterior chain, hamstrings and leg muscles. (Tell me again why, stupidly, I never trained my legs and figured cardio had that taken care of.)

Missed Pilates tonight. Was working on a document till 8:30 PM. This was not a good day for me at work, though far worse for my direct report, who went MIA from work for three days. I had to ask HR to call her emergency contact. She's been in bed suffering horribly from an onslaught of Lyme Disease, and wasn't even up to calling in sick at work.

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