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@beachbreeze2010: Awesome intro - thanks so much!!! I'm so glad you are here!

@Pinkhippie: that is awesome that you waited on breakfast and had the euphoric reaction to it!!! I am also an anxiety eater and also cannot eat in extreme stress. I'm glad you are aware of this about yourself. Can you do a brief time out and ask yourself why you are having anxiety? what would be some solutions for it other than eating? who can you ask for help? Part of my "growing up" homework is to deal with the feelings, figure it out, get to the bottom of it. You totally got this. *SHOOT* you just updated that you worked through it!! yahoo for you! I'm leaving my post for others to read... way to work it out!!!

I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch today and then she cancelled. I had been looking forward to this for a while and was very bummed out. Not only did I want to see my friend but I wanted to go to the restaurant too! So, I picked out a book and went by myself. it was awesome.

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