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I talked to my husband via email and he told me to just do my exercise and it did help. I also realized my kids are being super draining and needy today, making it hard to set limits with them and its been hard to focus on getting stuff done so its made me feel anxious. I managed to get a few things done after I exercised.

A list is actually a great idea, I find getting stuff on paper and out of my head is helpful when it comes to emotions, I should try doing that with stuff I have to do too. Make it seem less overwhelming. Thanks.

I don't think I have a mitral valve prolapse... I do know that I get anxious easily to where I can feel my heart beating really fast. I think that is normal for everyone though. That used to happen to me a lot at night and make it almost impossible to sleep. A few days ago I was on the elipitcal taking it easy when I had an anxious thought that made my stomach flip. I felt my heart rate zoom up and when I checked it on the heart rate monitor on the elliptical it had gone from 115 or so to 198. Well the elliptical is not accurate but it can show an increase.

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