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I want to eat through anxiety also. I've found that just a bit of exercise helps a lot. Self talk can help. Trying to re-frame my thinking. Challenge my anxiety provoking thoughts. I tell my husband that he's my Xanax sometimes because 10 minutes just laying peacefully against him without talking and I'm calm or at least significantly calmer.

When I get that overwhelmed feeling, sometimes actually writing my to do list down rather than churning it in my head over and over helps. Then I can see it and start to prioritize it. Usually just the act of writing it helps me because a lot of my panic is over forgetting what needs to be done.

Just curious - do you have a mitral valve prolapse? I do and have read a lot about the connection between it and anxiety. I have days where I think sometimes the cause is just heart rhythm and there's not much I can do about it.

There's no ticker here because I have no idea what I weigh, nor do I have plans to get on the scale anytime soon. My goals are to take care of myself in healthy ways and let the scale fall wherever it will. "It's not about skinny anymore - it's about healthy."
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