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Welcome to Marina Brasil and BeachBreeze2010!

@Locke: the scale. ugh how I hate that dang thing. I am only weighing myself once a month otherwise I just can't handle it and I'm afraid I'll restrict, diet, or overeat because of what it says AND it feels too much like dieting to weigh myself more than that. How are you clothes feeling? 5lbs can be water weight, or just your body adjusting to your vacation and now coming back to your routine. I'd let it go and check back in a month.

@Maria Brasil: I am gluten free due to health reasons so I definitely know about having to eat a 'special diet'. Hang in there and eat just what feels right to you out of what you CAN have. That's what I do... and if I don't readily have a GF version, I make it!! It's more work and planning but keeps me sane and happy.

@beachbreeze2010: I go to stores all sweaty after a work out ALL.THE.TIME. I never notice if people are looking at me funny or not probably because I stopped caring around the time women stopped ensuring "their hair was done, they had lipstick on, and a fresh pair of white gloves" before going out of the house! We are so lucky to live in these carefree times in my opinion... it used to be so much worse for our sisters before us. I do however LOVE your picnic idea. so nice, simple, and easy. Have you lost all of your weight on IE?

I had another lackluster appointment with my IE coach. I have also decided to end it with her even though we have 2 sessions left. I'm tired of being yelled at for an hour each week about being accountable and how shameful it is that I let myself get to a 7 on my hunger scale and not keep it to a 5.5 or 6. She also yelled at me several times to "JUST GROW UP" yesterday. I completely shut down and she wondered why I had no reaction to her. I just don't need that crap anymore? This is what got me to where I am quite frankly and she sounds way too much like a diet fanatic to me. So that's that, I'm 'growing up' and moving on!
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