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I had a funny IE moment last night that I thought I would share.

My husband and I have a wine and cheese night every couple of weeks where we just eat wine and cheese and bread with oil for dinner and make a picnic in the living room and talk. (hardwood "laminate" floors, lol)

Anyway, so I went to the gym after work and left in my workout clothes. I realized that I forgot to buy bread, so I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Still sweaty and wearing my gym clothes, I loved the looks I got when I bought a loaf of *gasp* BREAD and then a few more "treats" to keep on hand - and some grapes and pears because I love them. I just smiled to myself.

There's no ticker here because I have no idea what I weigh, nor do I have plans to get on the scale anytime soon. My goals are to take care of myself in healthy ways and let the scale fall wherever it will. "It's not about skinny anymore - it's about healthy."
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