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I think this is awesome, nelie!! I remember how mortifying it was to be at work when a new weight loss challenge would roll around. All of the skinny people would sign up and give me a knowing look. It felt like a body-judgement free for all and I was always the loser. There was no way for me to get through it and maintain my dignity. If I participated and lost weight, well it's because I was so fat so of course I would win. If I participated and didn't lose weight, well, she's a fat pig so it's sad that she didn't change. If I don't participate, it's bad too. Nothing good for my body image, self esteem or health would come out of something like that. It would trigger all of the things that a diet would but even more. (I usually tried to lay low and not participate.)

But as the article said, even for the "skinny" people, losing their 10lbs, they will regain it and keep their own cycles of restriction, binge going. It's not good for anyone.

I really hope this movement catches on and more people get it. I believe that we can be a few pounds overweight and still be a normal eater - but for those of us that have become significantly overweight, it's very likely the result of disordered eating. It makes sense to treat it as an eating disorder. It's just as ridiculous to put an anorexic patient on a diet as it is a " " (man, there isn't even a good term for it because over feeding is just as disordered as underfeeding). Whatever, lol. You get my point.

But for the general population, teaching mindful eating can help anyone be healthier and maybe lose weight. It just makes sense. I wonder how many of them, though already do it (subconsciously).

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No words of widsom. After years of reflection and dieting, I still don't have this thing figured out.
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