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Hi everyone, i'm joining this discussion after being invited by Wannabeskinny.

I'm brazilian and my englisn in kinda rusty so i'd love if you don't mind my grammar and spelling mistakes.

The concept of IE is somewhat new to me and i've tried it since the begining of this year. I lost 14 kgs (+- 30 lbs) since january and i feel energetic and healthy. I strugle sometimes to differ emotional eating from real hunger but i guess this will get better with time.

I have several restrictions when it comes to food. I'm one of those people whose gastrointestinal sistem is fragile. Some people have bone issues, some people have respiratory issues... i have gastrointestinal issues. Everything, from a stressfull day at work to a happy day has the amazing capacity to change my gastrointestinal tract upside down. It's been that way since i was a kid. There are times when i can't eat dairy at all and then a few weeks later i can. Meat is a big NO and i am a vegetarian. Sugar will make me feel sick at times and some days i can't even eat grapes without reading a whole novel in the bathroom.... IE has been helping me a lot to deal with such changes.

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