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Aww, thanks. I was recently away for a week and I missed him so much. My mom had a bun when she was younger, I miss my hammy, she was a cutie pie!
There are some great FB pages for buns!


I'm so sorry your guinea pig passed away, that's sad. . I was a wreck after Cashmere, my hammy died. Wow, 8 years! That's amazing!!

Snickers is picky about treats and some fruits but he loves cucumber, apple, celery and he likes carrots. I've found a few pet store treats that he likes. He loves the fruit, seed and nut treat bars, and he likes some hay nibble rings but he's not a fan of yogurt treats.

Aww, Snick sometimes nibbles inside my ear!! It's so funny! I know he's trying to groom me!! . It's so adorable!

Do your guineas purr? Snick purred like a kitty kat once I was home after my trip, it was so sweet. Do your guineas nip? I'm trying to get him to stop that!!!

Take care!

Amy and Snickers
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