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Hi everyone,

Getting so much done! So, I bought my house 12 yrs ago and inherited a full of junk, brown shed. My Mom and I transformed the outside with a mural. But the inside was intimidating! A couple of years ago, the guy behind me rolled a boulder over the edge and it hit the shed, putting a hole in the side. It did not damage the mural and I am attached to the mural, so I left it. Fast forward to last week when I got home from Maine, a critter had met his end in the shed. No way was I going in that scary place, so I called my bro. He and my dad did away with the critter and we cleaned out the whole shed! When they arrived I was in the driveway sanding the metal furniture. After they left, I finished painting the table and chairs.

It was really good to be so busy because today was Phase 1, after my free day yesterday. The day flew by! Still need to figure out dinner, but I am not even hungry yet.

Want2b, did you have a good time golfing? Don't you just love summer?

How about the rest of you? How is your IP journey going? Life? Celebrations? Struggles?
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