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I think that children eat as much as their parents tell them to eat, and the family culture; what is considered a meal serving and whether seconds are involved, is also instrumental in creating a child prone to obesity. Child obesity is the fault of the parent. Feeding kids 16 ounce bottles of coke or apple juice. Feeding them adult sized meal servings. Having obese parents who do no exercise and encourage eating snacks while watching television. That is the parents fault.

On the other hand the person who grows up at a normal weight and then gets lazy, drinks tons of beer, eats huge amounts of food, does no exercise. Those people are responsible for their own weight gain.

On the other hand, think of the people who cannot walk around their own town or neighborhood for fear of violent crime. The poor people who have little to spend and who reason that they can get the best value in poor quality fatty foods. The society that makes vegetables cost more than dairy, starchy vegetables. The country that subsidises farmers to produce large amounts of high fructose corn syrup that finds its way into every food product. The country that grows tons of grains for the huge amount of animals slaughtered every year. The farmers that feed the cattle growth hormones that get into your body and (possibly have some bearing on whether you are gaining huge amounts of weight yourself). Society.

I guess you can say I feel it is a combination of reasons. It is so very complicated that blaming one or the other is not totally correct.

By the way, I now work in a school system. Do you know how many pieces of candy your kids get at school? They use them like dog treats to get the kids to cooperate. Its almost like the school system sabotages and undermines any parent out there trying to feed their children correctly.

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