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LGW, your BBQ experience sounds just like mine- had a couple pieces of barbecue chicken breast and a hamburger- no chips, no sodas- but caved in on the cake and ice cream. Had only a small piece though.

Super proud of myself today! Had a friend over last night who ordered a meat lovers pizza and her and my daughter ate that for dinner, I didn't even have one bite. Pizza is a weakness for me, and as much as I want to, I knew it would undo some progress. My husband had got me a subway club on wheat earlier in the evening and I was actually still full anyways, so I just ate my dessert (low fat sugar free frozen cheesecake gramwiches which were amazingly good) Woke up this morning down another 1.2lbs 7 days into July has me down 3.4lbs so far and going strong! Hitting the gym tonight and hoping for another nice loss this week- have a good day everyone!

Starting Weight 6/02/14 313lbs.-
Current goal- 198 (120 lbs.) by next summer's Disney vacation- so I can possibly ride things with my kiddos!

Mini Goal #1- (10 lbs.) REACHED 6/28/14
Mini Goal #2- (20 lbs.) REACHED 7/18/14
Mini Goal #3- (40 lbs.)


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