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Hi Coaches!

Food choices and lack of structure weren't my best this weekend. I let endless frustrations get the best of me….something I usually try very hard to overcome. Mom and DH were both super grumpy and I took the people pleaser role...not a position I like at all but somewhat necessary when mom is over the hill with us. DH stayed over to pick raspberries so I have a few days to dust myself off and get back with the plan. I work 3, have 1 off, take mom to a med. Appt the next...then go back over with mom (arg) for more medical then back over again for work. What made me the most agitated this weekend was the lack of acknowledgement from both that perhaps "I" needed a break. Oh well.

I made a better choice for dinner out last night. I wanted some Thai and so chose the place that posts calories over the mom and pop authentic. Credit. This morning I've cleaned up my home including getting rid of/freezing stuff from the refrigerator which I won't be using. Credit. It gave me a look to make my food plan for today. I'm trying to get my mini exercise in before work, too.

BBE, congrats on finishing your project! Your event sounded fun….especially in Boston. My bro was in your area this weekend….revisiting some of his old haunts. He's a MIT guy. He said he could see the fireworks from his hotel.

Cheryl(GosfordGirl), yay for an unremarkable day which included organizing and food prep!

MaryAnn, glad you and DH weathered the storm. My DH and I had a rough patch….unfortunately the opposite...together too much.

Aztricia, a very busy time for you. Kudos for taking care of all kinds of stuff and still finding time to post here!

Nationalparker, yay for saving Spfries for later! Nice to fit into a smaller size and finding a flattering dress!

Onebyone, beautiful gate! Kudos for finishing and sending support as you prep for your sis' arrival and all the associated issues.

Take care everyone! I always appreciate the generous support found here!
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