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Default Dalai Lama's 79th birthday


Today was unremarkable - I stayed in and did desk work and my to-do list. I did go through the fridge and sort out food and prepped veggies for the first part of the week so feel good. I also sorted out clothes and ironing. If I get food and clothes done the week goes more smoothly

BillBE - Yay for getting it done! The end of the saga - a brilliant solution and all. Good thing for you all that you decided to triple wash I think. Hope you enjoyed your break from the attic

Onebyone - the gate looks fabulous. Such an achievement. Thinking of you solving your mother's living arrangements in a way that takes care of all your needs

Nationalparker - credit for good use of a meal out - very restrained. Yay you could buy clothes in a smaller size and feel good about yourself - well done. Winter here is usually bright and sunny but colder. The skies in the evening and morning are gorgeous. The temperature in Sydney doesn't go much below where it is now - a maximum of 65 and minimum of 40 is pretty usual so quite mild. It is definitely warmer this year especially over night. Unusually we have had little rain but most of our rain does come in summer I think - while labelled as temperate we tend to be more subtropical. But the rainfall for the month is way under and none forecast for the next week. Sorry for the weather report

Tricia - fireworks sound fun for all and by the sound of it worth the spend. Gee - knowing at 15 what your vision and mission is - I just wanted to meet boys . I think it is nice that they are starting to think about goals now - I wish I had. Sympathies for no weight loss - you are so consistent and SO NEAR to 200 - I will send positive thoughts and see if that helps

Maryann - Glad that things have been patched up with DH who is being loyal as usual. Credit for not noticing sugar in the form of candy sticks - so good! Good luck with sitting down. Today I did not snack standing up - so credit me! But meal preparation times are problematic.

- Checked in
- Ate on plan
- Logged my food
- Ate mindfully most of the time
- Ate sitting down
- I stopped eating when satisfied - wasn't hungry today
- Weighed myself
- Exercised - no gym or walking today - got to 6000 steps before dinner so not good
- Made a food plan for tomorrow - Yes - food all packed
- Made a schedule for tomorrow - yes I am organised and know what the meals are and the activities

Short Term Goal

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