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Hello everyone. My name is Jima, I'm 49 years old, am 5'3 and weigh a whopping 330 lbs. I have a really bad back, so have gotten really sedentary the last couple years...problem is, i didnt give up any of my soda (12 pk a day) so the weight has really piled on. My plan is to only have one can of soda every two to three days, and walk as much as i can... i logged my food in another site for a few days, and even eating more than i usually do, but without the soda, i was still under the cals i should eat for the i'm sure giving up that much soda and walking will slowly but surely win the race
Another problem is that most of the things i enjoy mean sitting for long crochet, sewing, pc gaming. So i have made a rule for myself that i cant do any of those things till i have the walking done for the a lil more incentive to get off my rear end.
I'm not doing a specific diet, just cals in vs cals out... that's why i am allowing myself a soda ever few days... i love it, and don't want to have to completely give it up.... just cut wayyyy down and work it into my cals...on my soda days i won't have it till i have worked off an extra 170 for the day ...then i will feel better about having it
i'm looking forward to getting to know you all...hope you are all having a good day.
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