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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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The boys enjoyed lighting off fireworks last night. All small stuff and sparklers. My initial thought it was just $ burned, but they had such a wonderful time that I revised my opinion to entertainment. Their happiness and excitement lasted hours.

Collected groceries, then took the boys to a movie today. Then, finally had some rain, hurray! Middle son enjoyed it so much that he sat on the porch reading a book letting his legs get splashed.

Big project for oldest - I had to get dh involved. Son had to write a vision and mission statement for his life for his leadership class. Whoa! Tough stuff for a 15 yo and totally not up my alley...assignment completed now and looks good.

Still have not lost another pound

nationalparker Kiddos asked for croutons, I think we'll do that with crusts which they seem to believe don't belong in the same category as other slices of bread! Awesome for clothing you like and in a smaller size!

onebyone Sorry about the stress of your mom's care situation. Kudos for deciding on a plan and thinking of your healthy behaviors for the future.

BillBlueEyes HURRAY! Feels so good to have the obstacle overcome. LOL about lil' spider. Kudos for better with snacks.

Kudos for gym time and a nice relaxing day. Glad you had time with your friend.

Woodland back, Kudos for mostly healthy behaviors.
Tricia in AZ
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