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A good day so far ... met DH's folks for lunch - planned that as my largest meal of the day and chose a house salad (that you receive with an entree) and the veg plate ... baked potato, cole slaw (which DH ate with his sandwich as I don't care much for it), and sweet potato fries, which I brought home to heat up in the oven and split with DH for another meal. I am proud of that ... The fries were a small order, too, not like 30 fries.

Dinner was bruschetta, fresh corn on the cob, and nectarine wedges. Love summer meals.

We're planning to do a firepit again tonight if it doesn't rain. We still have another hour-plus until dark.

Bought three pieces of clothing today and felt good in that I fit into a size smaller, but tried on both dresses and chose the one that was the most flattering, regardless of the size. I spent more than I typically do since none were on sale.
OneByOne - I hope you find peace with a solution soon with your mom and her housing. I think what is so hard is that some days are very lucid and others are more confused. It must be such a challenge to know when/what the right decision is. I kept telling my father that whatever he decides is right (with the chemo) because all we know is what we know at that moment, and we make the best choice we can.

Bill - Congrats for a finished fan! You deserve the rest of the holiday off. Smiling at your spider that survived the first wash - did you haul him outside to reward his efforts? I remember when I "knew" DH was the one for me was at my home one day, he caught a bug and hauled it outside to the yard. I do that all the time yet he'd not seen me do it.

AZTricia - Your solution to the unsalted bread is a great idea ... I'd never have thought of that. Have you ever tried parmesan croutons with the saltless bread - you can make them in a skillet with some olive oil, parm, etc. and maybe add a bit extra garlic salt? Just in case that "someone" forgets again - haha!

GosfordGirl - I, too, have a hard time remembering that it's winter there now! What do you especially like about your winters? Anything that resonates with you? I find winters very hard to get through - mostly because of the dicey driving and the complete gray skies we get socked in with. I keep wondering if, years down the road when I retire, if we'll still live where there is winter weather, or if I'll like it more because I won't have to be at work at a specific time.

So close ... now so far!
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