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I have to remember that progress is not linear. It's always 2 steps forward 1 step back. Unfortunately when I'm taking a step back it always feels in the moment that its 3 steps back! But then I emerge stronger and better and ahead. I don't know what I can do to reassure myself that if I overeat today it doesn't mean I will overeat tomorrow. As I so every month I like to make a conscious effort to be grateful for the changes that are taking place so effortlessly.

- I got rid of my fitbit recently. That was so hard but necessary
- I cancelled my subscription to women's health and fitness magazines
- my food scale took its rightful place in my kitchen: in the baking pantry
- I haven't gained any weight trough a midst of stressful situations
- I'm looking forward to wearing my new bathing suit and will also keep my bikini on hand in case I'm brave enough
- I have ordered the things I want to eat in public without beig embarrassed, apologetic or ashamed
- I exercise because it feels too awesome not to
- I find something I like in the mirror every time I look in it
- I'm doing less shopping/cooking and less overall food activities
- I'm using small plates, not because it's a diet trick but because the dinner plates are too overwhelming and a turn off to me now
- I've realized that I only want 1 egg most of the time what's up with the ubiquitous 2 eggs??
- all sandwiches are better with a fresh slice of tomato on them. How I hated this before is ridiculous. I think I was probably afraid to mix healthy and bad foods together. I was all or nothing before. If I was binging it was all bad bad bad. When I was on a health kick it was all good food good

Fat isn't a feeling

"Food is not the enemy. Hunger is a sign of life and vitality." - Caroline Haagen from The F- it Diet

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