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Default Saturday


Not a bad day. It started with a farmers market at 7am with a friend. We always have coffee and a Reuben which is a special treat. I have a conversation with the stall holder about making sauerkraut and dill pickles while we wait which is fun but I am beginning to think it is more informative for him than for me

Finished making my soup and made a list of missing food to buy, went to gym and did my new TRX program which I like (in a quiet corner of the gym and not monstered by the testosterone driven behaviour in the weight room), and then shops on the way home. I will have to work tomorrow (Sunday) but had a nice relaxing day.

BillBE - hard to realise that on the other side of the world the heat is sweltering. Hope a solution for the vent materialises. Rain sounds nice - hope we get some soon as it seems ridiculous to water in winter

Gardenerjoy - Hope the pot-luck went to plan and was enjoyable

Maryann - Sorry for the discomfort of a fight with DH - really unsettling. It sounds like you have a plan to move with it and not use food to survive it so credit for that. Hope you vented some emotions on the weeds and a hike

Nationalparker - I hear ya about reining things in with food - I have a similar need but no doubt for different reasons, but they all amount to dealing with life's irritations and pressures. Credit (to us both) for identifying the need to get on top of unruly behaviour. Hope your watermelon is sweet

Tricia - 'Grief, dealing with unsalted bread sounds a chore! But you seem to have hit a solution. I think I would leave home/the 'hood if a family member wanted to get drums so you are extremely tolerant so credit. Hope the planning for the trip works and that the dog behaves. My dogs are hopeless in a new environment and get confused for a few days

Woodland - Credit for 91% on program and for even knowing that figure! I will struggle to get back on plan and on track - but it will be easier after Wednesday and the sale is assured

- Checked in
- Ate on plan - no as didn't have a plan
- Ate sitting down
- I stopped eating when satisfied
- Used distraction and resistance techniques
- Weighed myself
- Exercised - gym today and at least 10000 steps
- Made a food plan for tomorrow
- Made a schedule for tomorrow

Short Term Goal

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