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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Bread was made overnight accidentally without salt (again!) and since we have too many breadcrumbs already, tried something new. Made the bread into fine crumbs, added eggs, the missing salt, a bit of vanilla, then baked on a cookie sheet for a sort of french toast-y bread. It was less egg-y than I anticipated and we thought that with spices and a thinner layer it would make an awesome pizza crust. I hate throwing away a two pound loaf when only salt is now I have a solution. Cause I know "somebody" will forget again sometime.

Youngest ds's dyslexia therapy seems to be making an impact. He can now read beginning readers fluently and can actually remember words that he already figured out on a line above (and even on previous pages!) - awesome!!! We have a break from therapy till the end of the month as the doctor is on vacation.

Middle ds wants us to buy drums for him...and drum lessons-yikes! I told him that he needs to prove a "stick-to-it" interest by practicing with his sticks, but he has not so far...says he HAS to have the drum set first. Hmmm.

Still have the boys on swim team, but only attend 3X/wk for exercise. Oldest son would love to compete but we are out of town for the finals.

Next week we will be gone to a convention Th-Sat and I have lots of food prep and packing to do in advance. We will stay at my mom's home and bring pup along. I hope pup behaves, it will be the first time we have traveled with him.

Dh bought a new-to-us computer with mega processing power and a graphic card so big it has it's own fan. When he gets an operating system installed he will move my Photoshop Elements to it and I can play scrap-booking on a faster machine.

We didn't get any real rain yesterday. Looks like none this afternoon predicted either There is a 30% chance for tonight though, when I usually walk Teddy.

OP so far today with grilled steak planned for dinner. It is marinating w/ rosemary & pepper for now.

Disappointment stinks, wishing you a satisfactory resolution with your dh.

nationalparker Wishing you peace amidst the company and multiple temptations.

gardenerjoy Happy potluck, may you enjoy the socializing more than the food.

BillBlueEyes DH has this flexible extension for his drill. Perhaps an extender is available for your bit? Frustrating that the project gives new hurdles at every turn. Cukes were one of my favorite things to grow in the mid-west. We loved the "burpless" that grew to over two feet long - yum!

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Hurray for the sale! Bummer for termites Your soup sounds delicious and your girls will be so happy to see you!
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