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Hmm, I have read conflicting things about Melissa Mcarthy. That she eats really healthfully, or like that article says that she eats more junk. I think her weight has also gone up and down a bit so I don't know if she doesn't care or not. I find it annoying that her weight is even focused on so much as it is. But, that is just a reflection of our body image obsessed society.

I have been eating a little more than my hunger lately and its "because I want to." clearly there is something going on but I haven't figured out what it is. I had a big change in my life recently and I think I am adjusting to it. It gives me anxiety when I think about it. I am having to set lots of personal boundaries and limits and its very very hard for me. Im not used to doing that. You would think I would feel all empowered from doing it and not need to eat, yet it makes me feel really uncomfortable setting limits and I feel like I need to eat. I always worry about being mean and I feel guilty. Im changing my entire dynamic with this one person by setting limits in a closer relationship where previously there were none. change is uncomfortable. Im glad I have my husband to help support me.

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