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Wow Loves to Travel, sounds like a great trip!! All the walking, wow, very impressed!! You have probably toned up so much and built lots of lean muscle, so that's why the scale is the same, but underneath that number lies the true story that you've lost fat and gained muscle. A number on a scale can be pretty arbitrary sometimes, your body is a much better guide. Well done!!! Did you eat ALL the cheese?! I know I would!! Hahaha

I reached a milestone today, I met my target!!! In fact, I was 0.2 under. But where were the balloons and congratulations on my ticker?! Nowhere! It just said very matter-of-fact, '0.2 below your target' Distinctly unimpressed, I moved my target down to 130 so now it says 4.8 to go. I just wonder how long this last 5lbs will take... groan!

I weighed early as I'm off on a trip tonight with my girls, sister and mum to visit my grandpa as it's his birthday tomorrow too!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Have a great holiday!!
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11/15/13 - started phen caps
12/20/13 - down 10lbs
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4/24/14 - down 30lbs
7/3/14 - made original goal of 135
9/19/14 - reached adjusted goal and began maintenance!!!

I MADE IT!!!! :

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