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Thanks for starting a new thread Wannabe! I think its a great idea to treat ourselves with compassion. Starting right now. I ate way too much this evening and I know its because Im stressed out. It's hard not to feel frustrated since I really know at this point that its not the best choice for myself.

So after I ate lunch (at the very first sign of hunger and had what I was thinking about all morning), I laid down for a bit. It helped a little. Then I realized that I needed to just be done for the day so I told my manager. Now I'm going to rest some more.

My coach has never told me about this other scale before. But then again she is not very passionate. She just keeps telling me I have to be accountable and if I make a conscience decision to eat when I'm not hungry then I'm not accountable. But you know what that sounds like diet behavior to me. If I'm tired and not feeling well I should have some compassion for myself.

Thanks for the kind words and speedy help!
Um yeah the idea of being accountable or even using the word accountable sounds like diet behavior to me too. I think being conscious, aware, and curious are the more important things. Good for you for taking care of yourself today!
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