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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
It was very powerful to me to understand how toxic the food environment is. Especially in America. It gave me extra incentive and frankly anger to 'resist'. Now I still had to change. I cant wait for the food companies to 'play nice'. They aren't. But knowing they are trying their best to make me a food addict was incredibly powerful for me to resist them.
Same here. "The End of Overeating" and "Nourishing Traditions" were both paradigm-shifters for me. When I reached the conclusion that big business (Ag, Govt (yes it's now just a business), Pharm, Med) were all in bed together to try to keep me just a little bit sick for as many years as possible and extract as much of my money as they could, I got angry too. As the quote goes, "When you knew better, you did better." As a result, I went digging, and now I do better.

I have never liked the word "blame". Nothing has ever been fixed because of it. Problem solving is a complex skill, and this problem has multiple root causes. Personally, if a finger is to be pointed, I would choose to aim it at the human failing of "Greed."
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