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I made a very American version of an egg-and-cress sandwich. Fried egg, a little mayo (no butter), and cress, on a grainy bread with the crusts very much intact. I didn't even cut it in half because it would have made a mess of the yolk. Yummy!

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CeeJay: always love seeing you here. I've definitely been there. What's helped me recently is Dr. Yoni's advice to "diarize" everything. For about two months, now, I've logged even the bad stuff (and even when I have to estimate) and I'm surprised, in the long run, how much that has helped. I get back on track more quickly and with less drama. And, now, I can report that I seem to be going off track less frequently. Of course, I've seen that advice before, but Dr. Yoni's friendly and non-judgmental attitude really helped me finally do it.

BeachBody: yep, figuring out how to make a plan flexible enough for outings is definitely a key to long-term success. My normal plan for pot-luck with family is "no snacks, focus on the vegetables, tiny servings of everything else."
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