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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hungry but OP for today. Yucky day. Pup made a mess in the house. Sons were cranky. I didn't feel like doing much and forgot to start the bread-maker twice, ds finally started it. I am already tired of summer. I really need to add my DVD exercise back in but don't want too because I'm hot. Off to walk the dog one more time and "good-night" all.

Beck FB Tuesday Reality Check: It’s important to keep in mind that emotions aren’t harmful, and nothing bad will happen as a result of experiencing them. If something sad or stressful happens, it’s appropriate to feel sadness or stress! And, you don’t need to do anything (like eat) to make negative emotions go away – they always pass, 100% of the time.

And forgot yesterday: Monday Motivation: If you feel discouraged thinking about how much weight you have to lose, keep in mind that it’s not as if you have to lose all the weight before you start feeling good. EVERY pound you lose along the way feels better and you can experience significant improvements both physically and psychologically long before the last pound has been lost.

Woodland Kudos for a plan and getting right back on track.

nationalparker Sorry your sis is being difficult still. Your dinner sounds great.

maryann Kudos for working on your healthy behaviors and for letting dh take care of you and be thoughtful.

CeeJay Thanks for checking in and for keeping on. Don't give up.

gardenerjoy I don't like the day 7 DF title either, it gives the wrong impression.

Debbie/Lexxiss Best of luck with finding a tenant, so sorry the first is a no show.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Thanks, needed the will power today for a hungry day and discouraging to have no loss for two weeks now. Hoping your resistance muscle workout strengthened you.

BillBlueEyes Totally relate to the "mixed marriage" wishing you wisdom in analyzing/fixing your snacks.
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