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Not my best day to date ... hoping for an attitude change on my own part, which I completely control, so ... Not bad until an email came from sister, which soured my whole outlook today. I honestly can say that down the line, I will not choose to interact with her much if any at all. I cannot stand the martyr/victim role she derives such great pleasure from. Dad is now in hospice care with his care team changing to their drs/nurses, etc., but at home for hopefully quite a while. My hopes - no insight.

Finally faced the dang scale this morning to find I'm less than 1.5 pounds from ticker and okay with that ... tonight's dinner will be mexican burrito bowls with lettuce, tomato, onion, hot pico, black beans, cilantro lime rice (requiring a marketing run on the way home for lime and cilantro) and seasoned chicken. This will score a few meals for us this week, though, and ones with ample veggies. The trick is to start with small servings of each item in the bowls and not create ginormous bowls. Will set the table on the patio this evening and enjoy a cooling trend.

Bill - I like your description of your mixed marriage. Mine is close as well. I use anything handy as a tool - the heel of my shoe, whatever, while DH finds the right tool for the job. I drive him bonkers with that. Hope you get our cooler weather in a day or so - nights in the mid-50s to come.

CeeJay - Credits for a good, solid day one plan. Sounds like you've picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and are ready to go. What helped me was to not restart with another day one if I get sidetracked in a week or so - it's just another day in my journey. I know one of my journals had the line, "How many Day Ones can one have?" I hated that. I liked it when it was a fresh start, reinvigorated, but then dang it, I always strayed a bit. Now I see that it's going to happen to everyone. Life's that way. It's the coming back that matters.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl - I'm going to borrow that "wanting day" ... I find I have those on weekends quite often. I can just picture and smell what you've described. It makes me feel less alone that we all face challenges, it's not just in this country.

Lexxiss - GREAT job for not eating over the stress of the MIA tenant. I need to realize that eating will not solve the issue that sends me into the kitchen. A good reminder that eating after reading my sister's emails only further hurts me.

GardenerJoy - Oh, your trip sounds wonderful. I love trip dreaming and must ask DH weekly if he wants to go here or there. (Always a yes from him.) We're staying close to home now while my father is not well, but fun to plan for one day.

So close ... now so far!
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