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Good Morning, Coaches.

I thought today would be a feeling of defeat and a bummer. It is July 1st and "change the ticker day." I have officially gained seven pounds since March, but I don't feel defeated. I have read through the posts for the day and realize that no matter what one weighs, peace with food comes just for today. That means today can be a success.

I am one month away from my anniversary date on this blog. I am going to take this month to rework the pink book. I have learned so much on this journey. I know what food I can't tolerate, what food causes addiction that makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. Now I am back to my behavior. I am failing on a daily basis even the most simple tasks like sitting while eating and stopping when full. So I have searched and found my pink book (that took some doing and a lot of dusting where I found it.) I am taking my Vitamix up to the cabin for the week and leaving it there (per DH order) because he wants me to buy a new one for down here. Then I will have one both places.(My cheapness says it is a waste but what price can I put on my health? The cost is seven family meals out.) I have several more hike and pack trips planned in the next two weeks. It is a perfect time to work on behavior and not be tied to a specific meal plan.

Grateful for new beginnings. Grateful this journey has led to the rest of the family eating more healthy. (DS is finishing his smoothie right now for breakfast.)

Thanks for everyone's continuing support. Welcome back, Woodland.

BBE: Chasing the perfect tool reminds me of chasing the perfect meal plan. Both seem a little less important than good old fashioned gumption.

GosfordGirl: Your first line really struck me. This is a wanting day. So many wanting days when I first wake up - mostly wanting to not be a compulsive overeater and therefore to be free of any discipline. This is a powerful thread that runs through my life and it needs to be counteracted by "acceptance of the the things I can not change."

Lexxiss: Thxs for the example of using your thoughtful mind to counteract reactionary feelings. That is a biggy.

gardenerjoy: Focusing on "how little can I eat to be satisfied." That is in direct opposition to my "eating eating all tonite for tomorrow I diet."

Ceejay: I know our numbers are different but the feelings are the same. I am starting all over again today as well. I am focusing on "Look at how much I have learned about myself through this journey." Posting is never a waste becuase it is truth. I hate to write a cliche but "The truth will set us free." Compulsive overeating is a disease of isolation. It wants us to think we should NOT talk about our pain. It makes us more likely to leave alone in the shadows.

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