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Hello Coaches

Warning- skip over if you are not in the mood for my misery.

I am posting even though I don't want to and even though I doubt anyone wants to read this. My weight has gone from 286 back up to 290. Sigh. How many times am I going to do this? My weight loss efforts inevitably end up like this. Do great for a bit, then start to slip and then just eat whatever cause I am (pick an excuse)- busy, tired, stressed, going out, etc. That ends up with feeling horrible physically and emotionally and then feeling depressed. I don't know if this makes sense but everything to do with losing weight is just starting to feel like one big drama, including this post. I have a horrible feeling that this is not going to happen for me and am attributing that to all sorts of negative thoughts about myself and my abilities. I know that sort of thinking is not helpful.

So I start again. I am going on a trip on Friday for a week to visit relatives and need to muster some enthusiasm.

Anyway today I have a plan:

-don't eat any sugar
-read response and advantage cards and listen to motivational app
-do second set of leg/knee/ankle stretches and exercises tonight
-eat a big salad at lunch with half cup of carbs
-eat yogurt and berries for snack tonight
-eat dinner at the neighbours and keep to protein and veggies
-check back in tonight and see if I did these things

Hope everyone is having a good day and Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!


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