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I read through Day 7 of The Diet Fix again. This is my least favorite day even though, on the surface, I agree with pretty much everything he says. My objection starts with the chapter title "Indulge!" I swear, I think that word is triggering for me. And it's not a trigger for the very controlled sort of thing he's talking about in this chapter, it's a trigger for wild abandonment around food as if I didn't have a care in the world related to it. A nostalgia for a by-gone day when I actually could do that without consequences -- probably one day when I was sixteen or so.

What he actually advocates is being aware of every special calorie you're about to consume and asking yourself if it's really worth it and how small the amount could be to make you happy. That's probably what I'll use going forward for things like birthday parties. For run-of-the-mill desires, I think I'm better off with the Beck principle: I can plan this treat for tomorrow.

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Thanks, silverbirch! I just rewrote my lunch plan...We're going to England in September. I worked out our Bath itinerary last week ( and the Birmingham itinerary a couple of months ago ( I'm still working out the plan for 10 days in London to finish our trip.

BillBlueEyes: We have Water Cress in Missouri -- an invasive that grows in all our springs. People seem less concerned about it than other invasives because it's so delicious. The cress I'm growing in the garden is different because that Water Cress only grows in running cold water. Similar in that it's a spicy green, though.
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