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My new July resolution is to faithfully post and drop the weight. I've horsed around too long. If I don't post, someone personal message me and kick my butt....PLEASE.
I set up my Fitday for one month only, will try to make my goal within the month of July. I need to get competitive with someone, maybe just myself.

I actually started my diet yesterday, June 30th. No scolding for my first day choices, I purposely kept my calories low for the 1st day to jump start my regiment. I do need to get my fiber up, that was the key to my losing so much weight in the past.

I discovered Lemon smoothies by accident. In the summer time I always keep a 2 quart pitcher of lemonade mixed up. I mix up a 2 quart pitcher using 2 packages of unsweetened kool-ade, one fresh squeezed lemon with the zested peeling and stevia. I also pour the mixed lemonade into my ice cube trays to plop in the lemonade so it doesn't get diluted while sipping.

Yesterday I used one cup of lemonade in the blender, many lemon ice cubes, stevia and 12 grams of dry skim milk powder. (44 calories for the whole thing)

I've made smoothies with almond milk before but it doesn't get the volume that dry milk powder does. I measured out dry milk packets for the week, store them in the freezer in snack zip bags. You all know everything needs to be ice cold to get a great smoothie.

One of the reasons I liked using almond milk was because of the low calories. I experimented with the dry milk, 23 grams of dry powder makes one cup of skim milk (80 calories)..... I used 1/2 this, 12 grams and only 40 calories. It did the trick, whipped up just as good as using the whole amount. This was very filling and I didn't get hungry until about 3:30 in the afternoon. Today I'll add one frozen banana to it to get my calories up.

P.S. I'm not eating sweet corn again, that small ear of corn I ate had 183 calories in it. That's without butter too. I'd rather spend my calories on low calorie bulk foods.

Monday: 132.8
Tuesday: 130


Breakfast: Fiber One ,Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Almond Milk, fresh blueberries

Lunch: Fresh Lemon smoothie
Celery & Radishes with peanut butter dip

Supper: 2 Egg Beaters on low calorie toast and one ear of sweet corn.

P.M. Snack: 1/2 Plum + 1/2 Peach.
Sunflower Seeds

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