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Thumbs up Contracts signed!


Today has been a 'wanting' day. I had breakfast and left the house for a haircut where I wandered through a deli and wanted spinache and cheese rolls (hot). I peered at them but remembered I had eaten breakfast and didn't need them. I then went to the hospital for tests and had coffee to fill time, and kept looking at toasted sandwiches (you know what cheese, ham and tomato smells like). I only had coffee. I then went to work and seriously thought about getting food from the cafeteria but ate the lunch I had brought with me. And on the way home I decided "da*n it I am having fish and chips" so stopped at the mall with a good fish shop and they were closed (running late tonight again), so bought healthy meat for the oven which will feed me tomorrow as well. So my resistance muscle has had a painful workout today.

I signed the contract today and will know next (not this) Wednesday if it is a done deal. I think it is but... So I may have sold my house but no celebrating yet

BillBE - Good to see progress with the fan, and keeping up the ongoing battle with sneaky snacks. How do you know how much produce to take from the community garden - does each person plant their own stuff??

Debbie (Lexxiss) - another on-plan day in your run of on-plan days. I need a list of go to meals like you seem to have (I keep saying this I know - still a project!) I also love that we have such great support from a bunch of 'strangers'

Gardenerjoy - I have some seed tape to try (in my tiny garden) so it is good to read a good report. Love cress and rocket and the spicy mustard type greens. I still can't get excited by cold roast veggies in a salad - may be 15 years as a vegetarian and always being confronted by roast veggie stack wherever I went

Tricia - the pounds will go as you are on plan - it is disappointing so credit for hanging in there to you too!

Waving to the rest of you - running very late

- Checked in
- Logged my food
- Ate mindfully most of the time
- I stopped eating when satisfied
- Used distraction and resistance techniques (definitely tolerated non-hunger without eating)
- Weighed myself
- Made opportunities for incidental exercise
- Gave credit for positive behaviours
- Made a food plan for tomorrow
- Made a schedule for tomorrow

Short Term Goal

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