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Originally Posted by zoesmom View Post
LOL - main reason I parted with it. I still use the shakes and I still use the bars, but I mainly do my own things, counting calories and using these products for last minute grabs or after workout routines. WS just got TOO big! When I first started, there was ONE plan. Now...I think there is like 15? It is crazy! So...if you are following MF currently, you can EASILY sub WS products in place (originally it follows MF to a "T"). A lot of folks use these products as subs for IP. so, make it your own. As long as you stick with it and keep your calories within your TDEE range, it will work

Good luck!
Thanks! I will just have to figure out what to have when. I would like to still keep things under 1000 cal a day and as close to low carb/high protein as I can. I lost about 50lbs on South Beach and just needed something more structured for the last 50. MF has worked for about 25 of those but with a child going to college in the fall I need to cut the $$$.
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