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Well, my weight crept slowly up on me over the years. I had been thin in my youth, never yo yo dieted, and though I was still bullied and was diagnosed with depression at 14 I was never concerned about my weight. Ever. I was approx 130 when I married, I got pregnant with my first child on my honeymoon, and when I got back from said honey moon my mother, at age 45 was diagnosed with lung cancer and my weight skyrocketed. But again I didn't think much of it because I had never thought much of it. I never ate bags of chips or pigged out on cookies and cakes. I rarely drank alcohol. I never drink soda. I never did or ate all the typical things that people usually blame for weight gain so I remained unconcerned. I never lost the baby weight and my mother's death 2 years later saw me gaining even more. (This was a recent discovery for me at the time I didn't see the correlation.)

Is it my fault that I gained weight. Yes. But truly I never thought about the consequences of my innattentiveness to my body at a young age. Fast food three times in 3 years. I wasn't binging. It had to be my thyroid right? Nope. There was no reason, that I could see why I was gaining weight.

The truth is that we now live in a culture where we are taught that fat is ugly at an early age to try to avoid fatness when we are older. I have seen girls as young as two berate themselves for being overweight in pretend play. I have seen boys who work out relentlessly in the gym for similar reasons. So we have young girls dieting, eating disorders, etc ets. Then we add on stress in the form of work where we have to accrue vacation days and work on holidays or someone else gets our job. Then we have kids, and school and a deaths in the family. Stress puts you into fight or flight mode and your body itches for energy to keep up. We can control how we deal with stress. Some turn to food. Other substance abuse. Others religion.
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