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Monterey is amazing! Arrived on Friday a day late due to weather making me miss my connection. I love the weather! I'm so used to awful humidity, this feels amazing and it is beautiful! DD and I have walked tons and eaten a lot too. I'm going to hate not having a scale, but I'm going to just use MFP and exercise and not eat too much junk! Going to cook dinners during the week so those will be healthy. DD became vegetarian a few months ago so I'm going to cook some different things. I'm in such a rut on what I eat at home. If you read MFP log, you'd think how can anyone eat the same things so much! So this will be good for me to mix it up. We went to a great Mediterranean restaurant for lunch and I got what she did, a falafel pita. Excellent. Then we got a few pieces of chocolate from Seas Chocolate.

It is so awesome to be away from home. I really needed the break. Even though I don't work at my full time teaching job in the summer, I hadn't gone anywhere in two years. While she is working I will use that time to exercise, do what I need to do for the online class I teach, prep for the college class I am teaching next semester, and work on my app.

DH comes here the last week I'm here. I think he will want to move here, as do I!

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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