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Hi everyone.
Haven't been here in a while- I finished the 5k app a while ago. I'm not running 5k, I think, but I still run at least 30 min (not including warm-up/cool-down) three times a week. Pretty sure I'm accomplishing about 3.5k in the half hour it takes to listen to another installment of the Zombies app. You just start it and it mixes story bits with your play list while you run, "hoard" mode optional- the hoards make you sprint. All the building/fiddling you do afterwards, not while running.

As for stretching, I found this article, 6 stretches every runner should do, to be helpful and not overwhelming. You know what I mean; there are some articles that will name 47 must-do stretches, or whatever, as if we don't all have lives to get to!

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