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Originally Posted by Seana View Post
Granted but now her boyfriend moves in. (Don't laugh, this actually happened to me. But it was my brother instead. He moved out and his girlfriend moved in.)
Oh my god, how did you wind up saying yes to the girlfriend? Were you friends? How long did that last? Thankfully, she's single, so I don't think I'd actually have to worry.

Granted: But then you start seeing a darker self as you begin to take the lead balirina as both the dark swan, and the good swan in Swan Lake. You start seeing things that aren't there, you demand perfection from yourself, in a crazed rage you murder your back up, and then realize, as the curtains drop on your once in a lifetime performance, that you didn't kill anyone, just yourself!

I wish I could get hired an an accountant at a private company and NOT have to deal with a busy season.

Mini Goal 1: Weight when I met my Fiance ~ 170 lbs
Mini Goal 2: No longer Obese ~ 153.4 lbs
Mini Goal 3: First time I started weight loss ~ 140 lbs
Mini Goal 4: No longer overweight ~ 125 lbs
Final Goal: 120 lbs.

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