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Just kind of skimming through. And yeah there are a lot of factors that played into my weight gain. Somethings I had control over and some I didn't.

But here's the thing...I don't think it's anyones or anythings fault that I am obese. I do think it's my responsibility though.

A few months ago a coworker did some really stupid and incompetent things that doubled my work. There were many people putting pressure on me to deal with the mistakes that my coworker made. I could have refused to add the extra work on my plate with variable results, but I would have passed the stress on and I probably would have continued to receive pressure from people about the issue. Instead I chose to deal with it, which in turn created more problems. The whole month of may was extremely stressful and I dealt with it by eating gummy bears.

The stress wasn't my fault. In fact I do a lot in my life to avoid stress because I don't deal well with it. But even with that, I don't live in a vacuum and a lot of my work is influenced by other people doing or not doing their jobs correctly.
I know that stress is a food trigger for me. I also know that stress messed with hormones and make you hungry. And quite frankly my will power was very weak.

But it was my will power. I did choose to eat gummy bears even though I knew they had no nutritional value to me.

So the questions isn't "whose fault is it". It's "what am I going to do next time?" I don't have the answer to it, but I am thinking about it.
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