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Originally Posted by AshleyRae View Post
I took a detour, friends. I was struggling with transition, and this week has been crazy hectic and stressful. I was gaining weight (likely from stress) even though I stayed on plan with the transition menu. But, it was all too much for me. So, I've asked to go back on green menu for another 4 weeks. I was up about 3 pounds during transition and it didn't seem to want to come off...just kept creeping up. So, they suggested I drop more weight to give myself a bigger cushion. I'm feeling a lot better about things, but I know I've got to suck it up and go through transition eventually. So, allow me to wuss out and put it off for another month. I know, I'm a big chicken

You are doing what feels right for you. When you are ready you will know it. We are all different.. You are not a big chicken at all. When you do go on transition and if you gain weight have the consultant find out why and tweek the diet for you.. That is what I did more than once. You will be fine. You are now where you are comfortable and that is what is important.

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